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Custom Clearance (India,Nepal,Bangladesh)

We’re one of the leading Customs Clearing Agents in Kolkata, ensuring smooth and easy customs clearance for all our customers, so that they receive their goods on time. Our Customs Brokers help ease Import and Export regulations and paperwork in record time for all of your shipments. Handling all the trade compliance and procedures, we help clear consignments by sea, land and air more efficiently.
Understanding local rules

Over the years, we have cleared all types of shipments, both major and minor, for a variety of goods from across the world with utmost precision. Being leading customs clearing agents our expert team do a proper study of all local rules and regulations so that they can help you overcome even the most complex matters of trade compliance. We identify the demands, challenges and hurdles for your business and help you arrange your paper work accordingly so that day-to-day formalities are met and business flows smoothly.

Our in-depth knowledge and understanding of this sector has helped us offer customized solutions to all of our clients so that they can reduce lead time, optimize cash flow and minimize customs duties. With the required documents, our team of dedicated professionals ensure end-to-end solutions for both Import Customs Clearance and Export Customs Clearance in the most cost-effective manner.


Freight Forwarding Services

Want your company to succeed by acting professionally and quickly? Feel free to approach Team Logistics for high-quality and reliable freight forwarding services in Kolkata at affordable prices. We will make the process of shipping your goods from one country to another easier. Our team is experienced and experts in handling everything related to the shipping process. They stay updated with the latest export and import regulations, documentation required for foreign trade and various shipping methods. We can even move your cargos quickly from one foreign destination to another according to your requirement. Your shipping processes will become easier with our freight forwarding experts by your side.

We have a team of highly experienced agents who have been providing freight forwarding services in Kolkata for years. With the updated knowledge about all the latest regulations so that they can discharge their duties in a manner that is sure to satisfy the needs of our clients, it is no wonder that we are one of the most sought-after agents in the city as well as Eastern India. With the efficient and on-time shipment of your goods and their subsequent timely arrival at their destination is sure to boost your company’s reputation in the global market.

We specialize in providing expert international ocean freight forwarding services in Kolkata to companies large and small. We are an integral part of our clients import departments, offering custom tailored ocean/sea freight logistics solutions for a wide variety of cargo.

Logistics & Transportation Services

Transportation of Goods of all size and type is an integral part of our organization.We provide cost-effective logistics and transportation services in Kolkata that meets transport needs of Businesses.

Logistic solutions using road network is provided to metro, urban and rural areas across India. We have myriad of vehicles in our fleet, these include trucks, trailers and solely owned vehicles. Fleet also includes forklifts, cranes and material handling equipment.

With the development of technology inter-modal transportation has strength giving enough space for container service providers to expand. With container movement loads standardization and cargo liquidity has improved manifolds.

We are local container Movement Company with eyes wide open to our responsibilities of pickup and delivery of cargo from anywhere, anytime at zero damage. Our consistent effort and dedication has helped us build trust and long term relationship with traders and other customers. We are nationalized best logistics and transportation service providers with more trending towards container movements.

Depending on the cargo size and dimensions containers size differ. There are standard containers and specialized containers.

Standard and specialty Container sizes and specifications (based on dimensions of base and latching system):


Warehouse Management

Our experts can optimize and manage every component of your inventory operations. We rely on an innovative approach to inventory management and customize our services according to your needs. With us by your side, you can streamline your inventory through the best processes and advanced inventory tools.

Our state-of-art warehouses and offices are strategically located all across the country. They are equipped with modern handling and packing equipment, communication, systems connectivity, office cubicles, security and conformance to all statutory norms.

We have more than 35 competent and qualified personnel in our team and this is where our strength lies. They are engaged in managing our infrastructure 365 days a year.

Few of our value-added services are packaging, re-packing, labelling, protection, and transport of identity of vendor, among others. These can be customized according to our customer’s needs.

Projects Handling

Heavy projects just got lighter.
Managing heavy lift projects requires special expertise, care and detailing. We have built a formidable reputation in Project Cargo Logistics and heavy lift shipments with our dedicated operations team who have a thorough understanding of handling cargo’s with ports, customs and transport agencies. We offer innovative Project Cargo Handling solutions as well as technical engineering services to manage the project completely from start to finish, ensuring timely delivery of your valuable goods.
Delivering efficiently at minimum cost

Over the years, we have managed several high-value project cargoes, offering our customers world-class Project Cargo Services at minimum costs. Regardless of the shipment’s destination, our team handles every consignment in a customized manner, planning and engineering all the required points in detail (including a rigging study to ensure maximum safety throughout the lifting procedures). A good rapport with liners and break bulk operators helps us to offer our customers and partners a competitive service.


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